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  • Dress Code

    bigpicThe Club has traditional values but is also aware that a modern view needs to be taken with regard to the dress code. We ask members and visitors to respect our dress code whilst on the Club premises.

    Members and visiting parties are required to wear presentable clothing in all the main Club rooms. Acceptable informal dress will be allowed in all parts of the Clubhouse at anytime. Golfers are expected to change out of wet golf clothing before entering the clubhouse.

    The following are also not considered to be acceptable:-
    Waterproofs or tracksuits, collarless or sleeveless shirts, hats, tee shirts or trainer type shoes.
    Golf Shoes of any type (including non-pimple golf shoes) may not be worn.
    Mobile Phones- the use of mobile phones is not permitted within the main rooms of Clubhouse or on the veranda.

    Caps – to be worn with peaks forward at all times.
    Shirts/Tops – Golf Shirts must have collars and sleeves. Rugby/Football style shirts may not be worn. Men and Junior boys to wear shirts tucked into trousers/shorts at all times. Ladies will be permitted to wear tops outside of skirts/shorts/trousers provided that they are specifically designed to be worn as such.
    Shorts – Tailored shorts only are acceptable. Exclusions include Sports shorts, Beach shorts, Bermuda shorts, Denim shorts and “Cargo” style shorts with large patch pockets.
    Trousers – “Cargo” style pants with deep side pockets are not allowable.
    Socks – Socks must be worn at all times. All recognisable “sports” socks (except football style) are allowed including “trainer” type socks. When worn with shorts, socks are expected to be “colour co-ordinated”.
    Shoes – Golf shoes only are permitted. All other types, such as trainers, are prohibited.
    Mobile Phones – Can be carried on the Course but must be switched off. They must only be used in the event of an emergency.
    The Professional, Steward, Secretary or any Council Member are authorised to draw attention to improper dress.